Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Audrey Kawasaki Does it Again

"Stare"by Kawasaki
"Uria" by Kawasaki
It's really nice to see someone's art develop in front of your eyes, only to get more mature and fluid as she goes. I think these are my favorite Kawasaki paintings and drawings to date. She is following a great tradition of Japanese masters of the fine line. The design quality of these new pieces is really nice: abstract, simplified, mysterious, making use of snowy drips and calligraphy only to enhance the whole. Her paint drips add texture and atmosphere, they are not frivolous. These are exciting times for Audrey K. who is in Rome, Italy as we speak getting ready for her show at Mondo Bizarro. (via boingboing) LINK to more images

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PIGNOUF said...

Bonjour Crehore .
J'adore Kawasaki, il ressort beaucoup d'émotion de ses illustrations ...
A bientôt...:)