Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Snake Tamers and Serpent Charmers

Rattlesnake charmer lady, Oregon, 1909
Image of Mami Wata (mother water) found in African Culture
"Eve and the Serpent in the Garden of Eden" 1916 by John H. Coates (Smithsonian)
The top photograph is from Historic Photo Archive - taken by a travelling circus photographer in Oregon in 1909. The Mami Wata image is from a favorite postcard of mine. She represents power and wealth and her image is found throughout West and Central Africa. In some areas, she is a religious cult. The third image is from another postcard. A pen and ink by folk artist John H. Coates.
I love all of these images!
Also, you can read about the Minoan Snake Goddess if you like.
(Thanks to Chris Keeley of Daily Dreamtime for the link to the top photo.)

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