Sunday, May 20, 2007

Kisses and Red Monkey Butts

Children's Book by David Fair 1980
"Everybody Kissing" by David Fair
" Upside Down Kiss" by Jad Fair
"Archer" by Jad Fair

I have owned a copy of this little monkey book by artist/musician David Fair for a long, long time. Ever since it came out. It's all about Becky the Monkey's red 12" butt. It's very funny. I have another one called "Worms in It" which is extremely silly. The drawings are wonderfully naive.

Brothers David Fair and
Jad Fair of Half Japanese fame (punk rock band & stars of a 1993 documentary movie) both make beautiful paper cut outs. It's a type of traditional "outsider art" that makes me very happy indeed. See more at Jad Fair's myspace page (and buy them) or on his website:
Jad Fair

The Art of Amy Crehore

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