Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Sirens, Mermaids and Loteria Cards

One thing leads to another and I just realized that my new painting, "Snake Tamer's Ditty" is actually a siren/mermaid motif. I was not at all conscious of it when I drew it, but now it all makes sense. The way that I twisted the girl's legs. And the way she is lying beside the ocean. The African Mami Wata image that I blogged earlier is actually a snake-tamer and mermaid combined. Yet, I never even thought about Mami Wata until after I blogged my painting.
I started to surf the internet and I found some incredible things. I found this website with various decks of Loteria cards. There is usually a siren/mermaid card in these decks (one is shown above along with a couple of other nice cards- I always liked Loteria cards).
The bottom image is a medieval mermaid that I found on a site that is all about Mermaids. I love the musical theme of this image.
I will blog the rest of the things that I found in subsequent posts.

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