Monday, May 21, 2007

And Venus was Her Name

Oncilla-spotted South American wild cat
This exotic creature may just show up in my next painting.
I'm currently working on something for a show at Roq la Rue gallery in Seattle, WA -opening June 8th -"Venus" - an invitational group show exploring the theme of the feminine as muse, in whatever incarnation that may take - Artists: Lori Earley, Audrey Kawasaki, Travis Louie, Marion Peck, Glenn Barr, Kukula, Stella Im Hultberg, Isabel Samaras, David Bowers, Lynne Naylor, Chris Reccardi, Sas Christian, Gail Potocki, Joshua Petker, Fuco Ueda, Boomer, Krysztof Nemeth, Derek Nobbs, Jessica McCourt, Nicole Steen, Sarah Joncas, Amy Crehore, Rik Garrett, Sarah Bereza and Robert Pitt. Stayed tuned. (P.S. Actually had a cat named "Venus" once and she was wild, too.)
The Art of Amy Crehore

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