Sunday, May 27, 2007

My Drawings

First attempt for the "Banana Eater" copyright 2005 Amy Crehore
Drawing for the "Flower Muncher" copyright 2006 Amy Crehore
Drawing for "The Nibbler" copyright 2006 Amy Crehore
Drawing for "The Creature" copyright 2006 Amy Crehore
Drawing for "The Teaser" copyright 2006 Amy Crehore
I need to upload some of these drawings to my website drawing section. Right now, I only have my "Little Pierrot" drawings on display. But, the "Monkey Love" drawings (shown above) are pretty interesting and so are the "Blues Gal" drawings. There are other newsy things happening as well that I need to add to my homepage. I'm staying busy with a few little projects that I will tell you about later.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh, Amy! I'm so in love with your work! Why haven't I found you sooner?

The girls in your works absolutely ooze a naïve cognisance which is both delightful and jaw-dropping at the same time.

I particularly enjoy the layered symbolism you've developed in your work: a combination of clear and subtle.

My head is spinning with delight at the moment... I've been through your entire flickr stream and your website, and now I'm working my way through your blog!

I certainly hope to see more of your work soon!