Friday, December 22, 2006

Hans Bellmer 1902-1975

La Poupee by Hans Bellmer
This post is for the people who got freaked about Teenar and other doll-type art. Hans Bellmer, the great surrealist, started it all and no one can quite compare to him. He made dolls and took photos of them in the early 1930's as a protest against the Nazi regime.
He was an ad agency guy before he was a doll artist.

"Bellmer's doll developed from a series of three events in his personal life: meeting a beautiful teenage cousin in 1932; attending a performance of Jacques Offenbach's
Tales of Hoffmann (in which a man falls tragically in love with an automaton); and receiving a box of his old toys. After these events he began to construct his first doll."
read more here: Hans Bellmer
There are some great books and historical documents about
Hans Bellmer which can be found easily with a google search.

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