Saturday, December 09, 2006

Austin Chronicle Review of "Blab! 17"

"Banana Eater" by Amy Crehore appears in "Blab! 17" (click image to enlarge)
This review of "Blab! 17" by Wayne Alan Brenner in The Austin Chronicle put a smile on my face:
"Each year, Monte Beauchamp harvests and designs a collection of work from the world's diverse crop of illustrators, sequential artists, and the graphically obsessed. Each year, Fantagraphics publishes this collection in a glossy-paged, full-color edition. And each year, we receive the thick and perfectly bound document, eager to see if Beauchamp can replicate or better his successes. There's no disappointment to be found this year: Image after image, alone or in the context of some potent narrative, sears itself into our rods and cones, while still others serve to soothe those burning receptors with pastel hues and whimsical setting. Sue Coe's unnerving rendition of Judith Brody's take (in verse, no less) on the Katrina tragedy plunges us into a swamp of sympathy and righteous anger; Amy Crehore's gentle depiction of a Polynesian idyll floats us on a lagoon of enchantment; "Sun Rays of Death" by Ryan Heshka captures, in bold Forties-era style, the way the media play upon the public's shallower fears; " read more review here: The Austin Chronicle: Books, Reading- Dec 8, 2006

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