Friday, December 01, 2006

"Boys and Girls Grow Up" Revisited

Back cover of "Boys and Girls Grow Up" Number 4, 1984 by Amy Crehore (Breck Girl)
Tom Campagnoli, co-editor and publisher "Boys and Girls Grow Up"
Front Cover "Boys and Girls Grow Up" Number 4, 1984 by Amy Crehore
I spent the Thanksgiving holiday in Virginia this year and it was unseasonably warm. The temperature was a perfect 73 degrees and sunny.
My return trip cross-country from VA back to OR took me 24 hours door-to-door. I won't go into the details here, but the airline was kind enough to provide me with a suite in a fancy new Hilton in San Francisco to make up for hours of waiting and missed connections.

While in VA, I visited some of my best friends like Tom Campagnoli. He and I actually published a comic book (much like the early "Blab!" issues) in the first half of the 80's called "Boys and Girls Grow Up". Somehow we managed to keep it going for 5 issues and had it distributed by Last Gasp. Comic artist Peter Bagge (creator of "Hate") wrote a review of our book in an issue of R. Crumb's "Weirdo".

"Boys and Girls Grow Up" was especially sweet because it was a collection of comic art done by some of our closest art school buddies. We all went to V.C.U. in Richmond. From what I hear now, V.C.U. has grown to be one of the largest art schools in the country, if not the largest.

Richmond is also the home of "The Drama" art magazine. I saw some issues of "The Drama" at a Richmond gallery and shop called Quirk along with designer toys and many other cool and unusual things while I was there this past week.
Good ol' Richmond, VA.

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Vincent D. Phillips said...

I still have my copies of B&GGU. Those were fun creative times! I was in all but the first issue because I was living in NYC and didn't know about it. Glad to see you keeping up with the art, Amy. Me, I now, of all things, edit court decisions! --Vince ("VD") Phillips