Thursday, October 05, 2006

Walter Minus..."Darling Cheri"

Lenka, Alone At Home 39 1/2" x 39 1/2" Copyright 2006 Walter Minus (from the Blab show website- to be published in "Blab 18")
Walter Minus is one of the artists in the Blab Show this year. His paintings are very large and striking. Hanging next to each other, they seemed to have some sort of magnetic power.
Walter wrote me a nice note from Paris the other day telling me that he appreciated seeing the photos on my blog of the art show because he could not be there in person. He has a new Blab Storybook out now called "Darling Cheri". It's nice. You can order it from Amazon or Fantagraphics.

Go see Walter's paintings in the Blab Show before it closes Oct. 21st!

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Walter Minus said...

Dear Amy, I just realize by chance me reading again that memo blog that, almost 10 years later, I did not have you to thank for this nice comment about my two paintings done for this exhibition and that the publication of my book "Darling Darling" at Fantagraphics
(Which I am very pleased will be published soon in French by Hachette) Amy, I always enjoy admiring your work on Facebook and I hope all goes well for you :) Sincerely. Walter M.