Sunday, October 01, 2006

Fred Stonehouse in Blab! Show

Title: Dream of Babylon Size: 48 "w x 24" h (Copyright 2006 Fred Stonehone- Blab show)

This past year, I got to see Fred Stonehouse paintings in person at his solo show in L.A. in April (Koplin Del Rio). He also came down to see my art at the Applegate Gallery in Santa Monica right after his opening. I was exhibiting 4 of my "little pierrots" and some "monkey love" paintings (6 in all).

For people in the California area, don't miss going to see the 2nd

before it closes on October 21, 2006. I have eight paintings in this show and Fred also has a bunch. The new issue of "Blab! 17" should be available in November, 2006 with my art in it!

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