Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Historic Kennedy School

I am taking a little trip up to Portland, OR this week where I will check out the new galleries and art museum. The photo above is historic Kennedy School where I always stay when I go to Portland. The old 1910 building has been converted into a "lodge" in the city with restaurant, bars, brew pub, suites that used to be old classrooms (complete with chalkboards), a movie theater in the old auditorium, a gym for concerts and a hot pool. The walls are chock full of folk art done by alumni and Portland residents: murals, mosaics and sculptures. There is even a "Detention Room" bar to smoke cigars in. It is always a lot of fun to stay there. (P.S. I don't smoke cigars.)
This is only one of the many McMeniman Brother's group of vintage buildings (lodges and pubs) in OR and WA that they have restored and decorated. Each one is unique and each one is full of artwork. I have not stayed in all of them, but I hope to some day.

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