Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Picasso's "Parade" in Shopping Mall

Costume for "Parade"by Picasso
I came across this story online recently. About two years ago, last October, Picasso's huge curtain masterpiece, which he painted for the 1918 ballet, "Parade", was hung for 10 days in a glitzy shopping mall in Hong Kong. It was to celebrate 40 years of diplomatic relations between France and China. I love this period of Picasso's art. I love this curtain.

Jean Cocteau wrote the script for "Parade". Erik Satie was the composer. Picasso designed the sets and costumes. Some of his cubist-style costumes were made of cardboard! The painted sketches for the costumes are inspiring pieces of art in their own right. Great designs full of color and mischief. Jean Cocteau added crazy things to make noise such as a typewriter and a foghorn. Satie and Cocteau were labled "Cultural Anarchists" and Satie went to prison for 8 days.
It all took place in Rome.

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