Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Monkey Love For Sale

"The Strummer" copyright 2006 Amy Crehore (Blab Show)
This new Monkey Love painting, which is currently showing in the Blab Show, is called "The Strummer". It is only 8 3/4" square and painted on a linen panel (unlike my others in the series which are 12" square, oils on stretched linen).

Ever since I created the "Creature" painting for Mark Frauenfelder of boingboing, I have been trying to insert a bit of music into my images. This seems to add something to the ambience.
In my new Blues Gals series, I have added a banjo and a guitar and the titles are either real or made up blues song titles. Having a vintage instrument collection (guitar family) at home certainly helps inspire me as does the fact that I played music myself for many years.

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