Friday, September 08, 2006

Joe Coleman, Visionary Artist

Hank Williams, copyright Joe Coleman
Go read the excellent new review by Marshall Sponder of the Joe Coleman exhibit at
Joe Coleman is having a retrospective at the Jack Tilton Gallery in NYC. It opened last night.
Sounds like an exciting event. One for the art history books.
I love my copy of "Original Sin, The Visionary Art of Joe Coleman" by Heck Editions, 1997.
Joe Coleman is a wild man on canvas. It takes enormous perseverance to paint like that, with the tiniest detail. I can relate to it's narrative quality and craftsmanship and, also, to Joe's tremendous imagination. The subjects he picks are interesting and historic, like Henry Darger, Hank Williams, John Brown, etc. I wish I could have been at this opening. Joe was one of the original "Blab!" artists.

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