Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Diary Page

I just noticed that I haven't posted anything since last Friday. While everyone else was having their Labor Day cookouts, I was working away on a painting for the M Modern Gallery Show called "Women with Issues"- images inspired by the movie "Valley of the Dolls". It opens the same day as the Blab Show, Sept. 23, 2006.

I finished the painting today (3 female figures) and took slides. It's a "metaphysical" scene with a modern slant. (See Pittura Metaphysica ) They like the modern look out in Palm Springs where the gallery is located... from the late 40's on.

It's been really hot here in Oregon. I wish the heat would let up, since I don't have air conditioning in the studio.

I'm looking forward to going down to Santa Monica, CA again in two weeks for the Blab Show. It will be a nice change of scene. I am going to take a break from painting for the next couple of weeks. There is plenty more to do to get ready for the two shows. At least the artwork is done!

The Blab Show is supposed to be online this week! I keep on checking:

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