Wednesday, November 09, 2011

NEW! Limited Edition, Silk-Screened Print Set by Cloudy Collection

NEW: Art by Amy Crehore (3-color silk-screen print, limited edition- click image to enlarge)
Oh boy, oh boy! The newest print set by Cloudy Collection has just been released and I am in it. In this set, there are 12 different 6"x 6" 3-color screen prints by 12 unique artists. It is a very special edition with only 50 sets available. That's right, you get 12 individual fine art prints suitable for framing in each set. This print set also happens to be a "2012 Calendar of the Impending Apocalypse". Each artist picked a month and interpreted the theme. Shown above: my own version of what would happen if a giant Krampus took over the earth (month of December).
Artists in this set include: Emory Allen, Joe Alterio, Ana Benaroya, Kali Ciesemier, Amy Crehore, David Huyck, Adam Koford, Joe Lambert, Phil McAndrew, Luke Pearson, Vincent Stall, Jaime Zollars.
To view each fine art print in this unique 2012 calendar set and to buy, 
please follow this LINK 
Cloudy Collection has been producing fine art print sets for a couple of years now and I was lucky enough to be part of the very first letterpress edition that they ever produced. (Thanks, David Huyck!) 

The Art of Amy Crehore 
(follow this link for more prints by Amy Crehore)

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