Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Neo Rauch at David Zwirner

 Die Warte, oil on canvas by Neo Rauch 2011
Fundgrube, oil on canvas by Neo Rauch 2011 
The artist Neo Rauch is currently showing at David Zwirner in NYC (533 West 19th St.) Nov. 4th thru Dec. 17th, 2011. The show is called "Heilstatten". 
LINK to more images. 
Shown above are two paintings that demonstrate his amazing ability to meld narrative, surreal images into utterly fascinating, nostalgic works with a command of colors and highly unusual compositions. My eyes immediately travel to the the familiar-looking bright yellow forsythia bushes in Fundgrube (like those in my own backyard) and the green tornado of a figure in Die Warte (my favorite color is green, especially that green). But, there are plenty of things going on in his canvases to keep you transfixed and unsettled for hours, trying to figure out what the hell is going on. Neo Rauch's skewed perspectives are wonderful things.
UPDATE: Here's an interview w/ Neo Rauch that I just found in the Art Newspaper, if you are curious.

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