Saturday, October 01, 2011

More Monkey by Dorothy Lathrop (1942)

Another classic monkey illustration from Dorothy Lathrop 1942, "Mr. Bumps and His Monkey" by Walter de la Mare
It seems very familiar somehow!
Dorothy Lathrop self portrait with monkey
In an earlier post, I had examples of this great woman illustrator's first book. Here are a couple more drawings from 1942. She actually used a "monkey model" for the character of Jasper in "Mr. Bumps and His Monkey"! (amazon has copies)
Here is a link to more of her art at 50 Watts. She illustrated many, many books, but how many people know her name? They say she was one of the most influential and important illustrators of children's books in the 30s and 40s. Anyway, I'm glad to know her now thanks to the internet! And can't believe she actually had a real monkey to draw from?!! Did the publisher supply one for her? Pretty wild.

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