Monday, October 24, 2011

I Love This Woman - Francoise Gilot

 Francoise Gilot is still painting away at age 90. From 1943 to 1952 she lived with Picasso, bless her heart. She even had two of his children. I'm sure it was a challenge. The age difference. The ego. The fame. The other women. The mood swings. She wrote a book about their years together ("Life with Picasso"). I've read it a few times. Picasso prevented her from showing her work in certain galleries after she left him (men in the art world will do that to women sometimes). The fact is she had a big influence on Picasso during the time she lived with him and there will be a show at Gagosian Gallery (NYC) in May 2012 of the Gilot-Picasso years. LINK NYTimes article. (See: Women of Picasso for a timeline.) The intelligent Gilot was destined to be with great men. She later married Jonas Salk (1970-1995). Here's an interesting interview with Gilot in 1998 by Charlie Rose (showing some of her work, old photos of that time, memories of Matisse, etc): 

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