Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Neighborhood

Yesterday I went out for a hike and saw a white wild turkey all by his lonesome walking up the hill. I really wished I had my camera. Well, today, I took my camera and managed to take some close-ups of flowers around my neighborhood. You can see the raindrops on them. Everything is lush and overgrown around here from all the rain. In fact, it's been rather like winter for the past week. Enjoyed a fire in the fireplace last night.The pink peonies are heavenly, aren't they? But, alas, no white wild turkey to be found today.

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alteredslates said...

awwww, the peonies are pretty in pink and yes, the weather here in the northwest has shortened what may of been a longer bloomin many azalea's were stripped of their petals by recent heavy bombarment of hail and rains...but a blessin compared to what some of the rest of the countries experienced.