Friday, May 21, 2010

1883 Circus in Vermont

Photo courtesy Shelburne Museum
Colchester, Vermont, 1991- the removal of siding revealed five beautiful circus posters pasted onto the boards beneath the siding of a house. The posters were mounted on the house when a circus came to town in 1883, and they remained hidden for the next 108 years. The home owners, Gladys and Harold Degree, donated the posters to the Shelburne Museum, boards and all.
The newly conserved posters will be one of the centerpieces of Shelburne Museum’s new exhibit, "Circus Day in America", (May 16 through October 24)
Shelburne Museum
(Rt. 7, Vermont)
Have a look at these fascinating images:
Flickr set Shelburne- preserving the posters
Read Story: Northeast Document Conservation Center website

Thanks, Tom!

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groovehouse said...

Fantastical! These images are awesome! What a great find.

Jace Sheppard said...

Love it! I live in Colchester, just down the street from where this house is. I remember hearing about this when the posters were discovered, but didn't realize they went to the Shelburne Museum. Thanks for the post.

Amy Crehore said...

My friend Tom (KozmicDogz Breaks Loose blog)sent this great story to me this morning. Wow, Jace, you live right there!

willard said...

Nice story!

Your link to the Shelburne Museum needs restoration, by the way.

Amy Crehore said...

Thanks, I fixed the musuem link!

alteredslates said...

I love hearing these kinda storys having owned a similiar home years ago, did'nt find much during a remodel but a few small personal items from around 1920. Very cool that the owners had the boards removed and donated to that museum :) I was intrigued by the image on the side wall between the corner and the window... hmmmm, checking that link...

marjo said...

Hi Amy!
Thanks for sharing that beautiful find! And it´s nice to know that the owners donated that treasure :)

Liza Cowan said...

I, too, live down the road from the shelburne Museum. It is the best museum ever, worth a trip. But beware, it takes a couple of days to enjoy the whole museum and grounds.