Friday, May 07, 2010

New Interview and "Banana Eater" Give Away!

"The Banana Eater" painting by Amy Crehore 2005
I want to tell you about a brand new, fun interview with me over at
Uke Can Play. (Thanks, Beatnik!)
In celebration of this new interview, I'd like to give away an artist signed, framed giclee on canvas by the famous printers at Pressure Printing. (printer of Porterhouse/Mark Ryden) This print has a value of $750. and there are only 23 framed prints in existence. (product shown above, click to enlarge)
This oil painting was the first painting in my Monkey Love series. It appeared in the very first Blab! Art Show at Track 16 in Santa Monica in 2005. It was also published in Blab! 17 by Fantagraphics.
NOTE: This particular contest is only for people who are located in the USA (preferably mainland due to shipping concerns). Please leave only ONE comment per person (if you leave more than one comment you will be disqualified). You can enter up to 3 names for my monkey in the sailor hat. The name that I like best will win the framed print (#21, unopened-mint condition-in the box it came in). You have until Wed, May 12th midnight pst to leave your entry in the comment section of this blog. Thank you and good luck. I will announce the winner on this blog by the end of next week. The winner will need to contact me by email.
recent boingboing about my ukes: here and here


aloha.taboo said...


Ensign Mike


Mad_Robotold said...

Awesome work!

The sailor-monkey really looks like a...

* Keoni. Hawaiian name for John.
* Kehfun. (KEH-foon) one who has brought prosperity. -Cameroon, West Africa.
* Lucky. - I don't know.. there should be a monkey named 'lucky' somewhere!

Hope you like the names!
Hope I win!

Richard said...

That be-capped monkey's moniker is none other than Willoughby "Scurrilous" Spoonmacher, ex First Mate of the possibly not-so-good HMS Chrysoceras...

Or so my stream-o-consciousness tells me.

alohashirtbob said...

Sailor Bongo
Tinpan Sam
Scurvy Joe

logos999 said...


Jason said...

First, what a great interview! Excellent stuff and congrats on the extra exposure... not that you need it, based upon how your work has been exhibiting... but a bonus nevertheless!

As for that little sailor-capped monkey:

Puliki - Hawaiian for "hug" or "embrace"

Ipo - Hawaiian for "sweetheart"

Anapa - Tahitian name for a boy which means "the sparkling sea"

Unknown said...

my 3 names [in no particular order]:
- li'l bushy
- bobo bonobo
- marquis areola

i love your paintings. keep up the good work!

Nick Night said...

As a monkey connoisseur, I think his name is:

Skinner Joe
("Skinning" is monkey parlance for peeling bananas)

He also is known to go by Jo-Jo, usually by amorous native girls...

groovehouse said...

1. Tomball
2. Finnegan
3. Kirk

diana said...

1. Jacques
2. Henri
3. Clive

AEC said...

1. First Pri-Mate
2. Monkey Dolenz
3. Adam

Unknown said...

"Captain Coruba"



Nice Paintings, I love monkeys....

jables said...

How about,




kele said...


Unknown said...


treplovski said...

[1] Mo-Jo
[2] Erskine
[3] Woofer

alteredslates said...

1)Ele'Luku ( ukulele backwards )
2)Darwinky ( no evolution relation )
3)Forstrum ( strum'n a four string )

Thank you Amy, this was fun stuff :) you always put a smile on me face

Unknown said...

Here's a couple ideas:

Monita (little and cute)



mark beam said...


Lloydville said...

Mr. Earl

Sugarpie said...

1) Peanut

2) Romeo

3) Macadameon

I absolutely adore all of your work! The winner will be a very lucky person.
Thanks Amy ;)

Ted D said...

Ephraim Peabody Monkey III

dxwoods said...

1. gauguin (the lower case "g" reminds me of his tail

B. Seaman Macaque

3. Hokum

Eldon said...

1)Benito Bonito, (Ben for short) in honor of the pirate who may or may not have hidden the "Lost loot of Lima".
2)Captain Coconut

Thanks for keeping up the blog!

Donnygull said...

2.Lord Bullingham

jeffron x said...

1. Duppy

2. Cappy

3. Able Seaman Jones

Roadmonkey said...

But of course, he is

JamesKwan said...

1. Keystone
2. Kiwi
3. Hortense

Unknown said...

2.Percival/Percy for short

Gary Schireson said...


Unknown said...

1. roy
2. django
3. chet

Jon Graham said...

Hi Amy,
What a marvelous painting. You'll definitely get your Picasso Castle soon at this rate!
How about:
1. Primatey
2. Capuchino

Lori said...

Love your Art!

1. Skippy
2. Jack
3. Nemo

Unknown said...

1. Mycroft
2. Gallifrey
3. Elevenses

Amy Crehore said...

This one is George and Gwen's entry:

Rougie Svenson
Christopher Pinchskin

Amy Crehore said...

If anyone else has problems leaving an entry in the comment section, just email me.

Gareth said...

I lean heavily on British Naval Slang:
[1] Matelot (i.e. Sailor! pron. matt-low
[2] Snorker (i.e. Sausage!
[3] Jolly Jack Tar (i.e. Happy Sailor!

fredfred said...




Rex said...

Cling Boy



Thanks for the opportunity!


Unknown said...

The name is: Cephus.

ShimmyShimmy said...

Super fun!

1. Jimmy Chango
2. Huan (Hawaiian for Juan) Diego
3. Christian Fletcher (HMS Bounty,reversed)

Love your work,Amy!!

Anonymous said...

Singe Amour

Unknown said...

I think it's important to show the courage of your own conviction by submitting only one name.

I'm convinced that the monkey in the sailor hat's name is:


Rick said...

1) Sun Wukong - The rascally, mischievous main character of the 16th century Chinese novel "Monkey." Traveled with Tripitaka on adventure filled journey to India.
2) Hanuman - The grouping of the characters in your painting reminds me a little of tightly grouped Indian temple carvings.
3) Jonas Grumby - "Real name" of the Skipper in Gilligan's Island, revealed in a single episode.
P.S. - Should you choose one of my suggestions, I'll be happy to pay the shipping to Hawaii!

Judika said...

What a wonderful painting! And a great interview, too!
Names for Mr. Monkey:
1. Bananas McGee
2. Captain Simmy (short for Simeon)
3. Ryoji

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

1. Bonesy
2. Bongo
3. Prince Kong

Craig said...

Love your work

I think any of these would be great...but my favorite would be Gilhooley...:)



Le Marquis

jl said...


robotboy said...

Excellent work!
1. Sumo
2. Nakula
3. Prince Baby Monkey

Spider said...

1) First Mate {because I love the double-entendre, particularly after "Creature"}

2) Bâtard Chanceux {because he is and I'd trade him places any day.}

3) Orvis {seems to fit}

Phaedra Fillé said...

Thanks for this incredible opportunity! Good luck to all.
Many have left 3 entries, I am doing the same. Hope that's OK. If not #1 is my first choice.

1. Kaimi (the seeker)
2. Javi
3. Alfredo

Peter said...

Buster the Monkey

thanks for the chance amy, always loved your work!!

KK said...

1) Boobs
2) Pooty
3) QuiQui

Amy Crehore said...

Virginia Shea's entry:


(Dylan Ail Don, Welch mythology, Celtic god of the waves, son of Arianrhod, son of the wave, son of the sea - not to mention connections with poetry and music!)

Bruno said...

Amy, I really enjoy your work. Thanks for the opportunity here. My three offerings are:
1) Tommy
2) Christopher
3) Kim

RC said...

Great idea! Here are my three suggestions:

1) Kooky

2) Felix

3) Bryan

fizzpopjuju said...

1. Thelonious Monkey
2. Chango Lujoso
3. Havanna Banana

Amy Crehore said...

Thanks for all the great entries!
Wow. It will take a couple of days to decide the winner and then I will post the winning name to my blog and ask that person to contact me.

Unknown said...

Here you go...




Amy Crehore said...

Sorry Rob, the contest ended Wed at midnight. The winner is Sugarpie with the name "Romeo".

pelakstudios said...

The winner of the contest is a very close friend of mine, she was thrilled to receive your print by naming the print!!! "ROMEO" is a perfect name too!!!!