Tuesday, July 15, 2008

3 New Crehore Paintings Revealed

"The Caged Wonder" by Amy Crehore 2008, oil on linen
"Black Ball Finale" by Amy Crehore 2008, oil on linen
"French Bubble Gum Encore" by Amy Crehore 2008, oil on linen
My friends over at Femme Femme Femme just posted my new paintings, so I guess I might as well post them on my blog, too. I also just noticed that Ad Hoc Art gallery has the "5 Identities, 5 Destinations" show up on their website now, so if you want to see a preview of the seven paintings that I will be exhibiting in NYC (along with the work of 4 other fantastic women artists) go to Ad Hoc Art. These 3 paintings are part of that show - which opens Friday, July 25th (7-10pm) and continues through August 24th, 2008 (49 Bogart St, Brooklyn, NY). Contact the gallery if interested. Hope to see you at the opening!
And this is very cool: Ad Hoc Art had a show called "Poets of the Paste" that just closed. You can view that show on the Village Voice website.
July 16, 2008 : boingboing


Anonymous said...

Bravo, Amy!
Very nice work, indeed.

Amy Crehore said...

Thanks, Mark! Means a lot coming from you. :)

Karl Elvis said...

I just LOVE your work, Amy. I keep seeing you on boingboing and thinking, some day, I need to own one of those.

Anonymous said...

They're so beautiful! I seriously can not stop looking at them over and over again. I hope to see more soon.


Felonius Monk said...

Her work is new to me,but I like it.I could see any of these in my home.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree. It's beautiful artwork. I'd really like to know what inspired you and what do the symbols (i.e. the cat, birds/wingss, clown costume, stick and ball, die) represent in the context of the painting?

Vanwall said...

Little dreams of carny heaven - lovely work!

Amy Crehore said...

Thanks for the really nice comments about my new paintings. These are based on my "Little Pierrot" series. My symbols (characters/objects) are sometimes used for "double entendres" or visual puns, but they also contribute to the design of the picture. I like the shape, construction, or colors of certain objects. The narratives evolve from the geometry of the compositions more than anything, and they often make sense to me after I have intuitively drawn them. I come up with the titles last. I like to evoke feelings, interaction and connections between all of the elements. Down to the girl's toes.:)
The girl, clown, die, cat, vintage musical instruments are all things that I personally like. So, I repeat them and they become personal symbols and... universal ones as well. It's a surreal dream world that is meant to entertain. It's not that different from the Casino de Paris of the 1920's.

Unknown said...

Hi Amy, I like your paintings, and I too was first introduced to your work through boingboing :) Do you have any prints for sale, or have any intention of releasing some in the future? I would be interested in putting some of your work up in my house, but I'm a college student and can't afford originals.

Amy Crehore said...

Hi Brett- Thanks. There are some prints for sale on my website:

Little pierrot prints, monkey love prints and a blues gal print.

I will be doing more prints in the future and might have some specials.

Jamie said...

They really are beautiful. they evoke such a wide range of emotions and each one seems to evoke a different one. The vintage musical instruments realy speak to me particularly. I love the old guitar in pic 2. Very surreal!