Wednesday, July 30, 2008

NYC Was a Blast

Amy Crehore (me), Molly Crabapple (photo from Molly's livejournal), Ad Hoc Art director Andrew Michael Ford, Ewelina Ferruso, Jenn Porreca, photo by Hilary Beck
Here's a photo of 4 of the 5 artists in my show at Ad Hoc Art. That's the gallery director, Andrew, in the middle. This was taken at the preview opening last Thursday. (Missing is artist Lizz Lopez.) I really enjoyed meeting everyone! "5 Identities, 5 Destinations" is a very strong show and it is well-hung in this large and lovely gallery space. The show was listed as a top art pick in the Village Voice paper last week, plus they wrote a feature article called "Gang of Four"- about 4 Brooklyn galleries (including Ad Hoc Art). Today, my paintings can be found on some great blogs: Art Moco, Artist A day and Internet Weekly. I will write more tomorrow and post more photos. This show stays up until August 24th, so there is plenty of time for people in NYC to still catch it.


leemoyer said...

That is so surreal.
Molly saw us both within a few days (She was running the Dr. Sketchy's event in SanDiego).

Glad the trip was good!
Hope to see you sometime soon in exotic Portland.


Amy Crehore said...

Hi Lee-
Molly flew to CA the day
after the preview night. Great that you went to Comic Con again!