Friday, June 27, 2008

Folk Art & Olympic Track and Field Trials

Tim Boyden of Wildwood Designs, Eugene, OR
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Everyday when I go for my hike (up to the magic staircase in the woods), I pass Tim Boyden's studio and rock garden sculptures. Seeing his artwork always puts a smile on my face. It's very whimsical and amazingly creative. He uses found objects and natural woods to create an array of furniture that is hard to describe. There are always new pieces in his driveway and, the other day, I took a tour of his house where every piece of furniture is unique. There are chairs with antlers, sofas made of tree branches, beautiful slabs of wood for table tops.
His garage studio door is always open and he is often buzzing around in there making his fairy tale furniture. This week is the Olympic Track and Field trials, so the town of Eugene is making the most of it. They are being held up at U. of Oregon and it's only a few blocks from my house. I can hear the crowds cheering for the athletes.
Tim made a series of sculptures specifically for the event. He arranged them in a park next to his house and they are impressive. Shown here are just a few. He's got all the characters right: the javelin guy, the discus thrower, a sprinter, a shot putter, etc.

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