Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Dod Proctor 1892-1972

"Dinah Reading" by Dod Proctor

'The Orchard" by Dod Proctor
Portrait by Dod Proctor
"Morning" by Dod Proctor
One of my favorite pictures of all time is "Morning" by Dod Proctor, who painted it when she was 34. They say it made her famous overnight. To me, this represents art deco period painting at it's finest. The sculptural quality of this figure is astounding. This painting is in the Tate.
"This was voted Picture of the Year at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition of 1927 and bought for the nation by the Daily Mail newspaper. From c.1922 Dod Procter had begun to paint a series of simple, monumental portraits of young women that she knew, utilizing the fall of light across the figures to give a powerful sense of volume. The model was Cissie Barnes, the sixteen year old daughter of a fisherman from Newlyn, the Cornish village that was home to Dod Procter for most of her working life. The popularity of this painting led to its being displayed in New York, followed by a tour of Britain from 1927 to 1929."
Here is a slide show of more of her remarkable work from the First Post website:
More Than a One Hit Wonder - Dod Proctor

She was a genius. I only knew about the painting called, "Morning"...until now.
The Art of Amy Crehore

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