Monday, May 26, 2008

The Hokum Scorchers' version of the "Jackson Stomp"

"Feed the Kitty" sculpture by artist Amy Crehore - used for the Hokum Scorcher's tip jar

I just changed the song on my website player. Listen to the "Jackson Stomp" performed by Lou Reimuller of The Hokum Scorchers. This is Charlie McCoy's arrangement that he recorded in 1930 with Walter Vinson as the Mississippi Mud Steppers (C. Davenport tune - "Cow Cow Blues"). Read more about Charie McCoy here and on Big Road Blues blog.

Lou Reimuller recorded this amazing song using a National mandolin and a National guitar in 1992. (The Hokum Scorchers put this song on their "Feed the Kitty" tape.)
Follow this link and scroll down for song:

Song has changed by the time you read this. Every Sunday, a new song is uploaded on my website player.


PIGNOUF said...

votre blog est vraiment super et vos choix sont judicieux. Il fait parti de mes liens préférés sur
A bientôt , Pignouf

Amy Crehore said...

Thanks! I saw your blog. It is nice, also.