Thursday, July 26, 2007

Details of Lolitas

Detail of "Lolita Part Two" copyright 2007 Amy Crehore
Detail of "Lolita Part One" copyright 2007 Amy Crehore
Here are a couple of details of my paintings for the Corey Helford "Literartistry" Show which opens August 11, 2007. I did a set of two paintings, "The Story of Lolita" Parts one and two.
I should be able to show you the entire pieces in the near future. I am glad to be done. I worked very hard on them. They are oils on linen panels and will have ornately carved frames. They are not literal interpretations of the novel, they are more symbolic. You'll see.
This show will have 50 different artists -each interpreting his/her favorite book.
Participating artists to date include: Jason Shawn Alexander, Erik Alos, Chris Anthony, Chris Conn Askew, Attaboy, Anthony Ausgang, Lauren Bergman, Andrew Brandou, Dave Burke, Paul Chatem, Greg Clarke, Amy Crehore, Camilla d’Ericco, Jason Dugan, Korin Faught, Sarah Folkman, Melissa Forman, Andrew Foster, Lauren Gardiner, Andrew Hem, Michael Hussar, Stella Im Hultberg, Mari Inukai, Wednesday Kirwan, Kukula, Joe Ledbetter, Tiffany Liu, Kevin Llewellyn, Lola, Jeff McMillan, Lisa Moneypenny Murray, Tom Neely, Joe O’Neill, Alex Pardee, Kevin Peterson, Joshua Petker, Carlos Ramos, Sergio Rebia, Joey Remmers, Lesley Reppeteaux, Isabel Samaras, Mijn Schatje, Nathan Spoor, Bob Staake, Gin Stevens, David Stoupakis, Cassandra Szekely, Heidi Taillefer, The Pizz, Sage Vaughn, Amanda Visell, David VonDerLinn, and Jasmine Worth.

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