Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Nudes in Nature

Painting by Emile Chambon
 Painting by Henri Rousseau
A couple of paintings I recently discovered - one by Emile Chambon of two nude women in the woods. One girl is standing up and displaying a just little bit of herself. The other girl is revealing absolutely nothing of herself with a cloth draped perfectly over her private parts, but she is looking intently at the other one. This painting has a wonderful sense of humor as does some of the other work by this artist. Chambon seems to rely heavily on compositional elements taken directly from Balthus in many of his paintings, but this is a nice example of his unique work.
The other painting is by Henri Rousseau. It is a charming scene of a big black dog getting it on with a lovely nude who happens to have a mirror in her hand.
(Just noticed the mirror!) This is a painting that I had never seen before.
Henri, you are a bad boy!
This is yet another example of humor in art history.
The great masters of art knew how to have fun.
Thank god for these artists. They keep me on track.
Now, back to painting....
I am finishing up my two new ones. Stay tuned!
(Thanks, Ralph Paine for sharing Henri Rousseau image) 

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