Sunday, June 23, 2013

Some Links for Your Enjoyment

"The Steps" by painter Jeffrey Smart
  1. Interview with wonderful poet & artist Lang Leav - Mirrors Magazine (Lang, thanks for the mention of my art!)
  2. Lang Leav's new poetry book, Love & Misadventure, is now available on amazon  and elsewhere (I received my delightful copy on Friday!) Audio clip: LINK
  3. Interview with writer Lloyd Fonvielle at the uncouth reflections blog
  4. Lloyd Fonvielle's recent e-book: Missouri Green 
  5. 10 tips for a healthy life from world's oldest person LINK
  6. The Coralino Project LINK . Very interesting! Grow some coral.
  7. Chinese Medicine paintings Zhang Huan (click on slideshow to see paintings made from herbs) LINK 
  8. Writer Amy Tan has a ukulele (she likes to spell it ukelele) LINK 
  9. Jeffrey Smart, the painter, died recently LINK (a wonderful painting of his is shown above). Check out google images for more. I just discovered him upon his death.
  10. "Tall" painting (Holton Rower) on youtube: LINK 
  11. Kozmicdogz Breaks Loose posted my studio picture, Thanks, Tom!
  12. Another artist that I just discovered - Dame Laura Knight - she did some wonderful cove/cliff paintings around 1917. Here's a LINK 
  13. Beer with painter Julie Heffernan LINK
  14. Blue Jasmine trailer LINK (Woody Allen's new film coming out in July).
  15. Modern Arts Notes Podcast with painter Eric Fischl LINK 
  16. Gweek 100 podcast featuring A. J. Jacobs: LINK  Congrats, Mark Frauenfelder for 100th episode of Gweek! (Our Hokum Scorcher's music is on Gweek 014, 015 and 017)
  17. L.S. Lowry at Tate: LINK
Stay tuned to this blog.
I will be posting the number two painting in my new series very soon.
See my first painting in the series here (A Bellhop's Memory of Spring)

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