Thursday, January 10, 2013

What Am I Reading?

I received these two books in the mail from Amazon yesterday.
GOYA by Robert Hughes and Los Caprichos, Goya's etchings (a Dover book). 
The actual Robert Hughes book was cheaper than the kindle version. 
A beautiful book it is, with illustrations throughout.
 This will be a good excuse to shut off the television and the computer at night. 
I miss Robert Hughes and I know these two books about Goya will inspire me. 

P.S. As you can see, Little Hokum Rag looks totally different now! My list of blog links disappeared and I will try and get them back. I also lost my feedburner counter which showed that I had almost 13,000 readers. I do think that you will find this blog easier to read and to navigate. The archives are still intact, so all is well....I hope you will continue to follow my future posts and read the old ones as well. Thanks! Amy

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