Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Jared Joslin's Circus Self Portrait featuring a greyhound.

The top illustrations are from a medieval book called "The Book of the Hunt" (15th century). One painting even shows veterinarians tending to dogs. I'm fascinated by greyhounds at the moment. I saw someone walking a miniature Italian greyhound not long ago in an argyle sweater (yes, the dog was wearing it). I hear they can move very fast, but they also have fragile bones. Greyhounds were popular in the 1920s (shown: Margaret Gorman and Dog 1925). LINK and LINK 
Here's an antique bronze sculpture and a vintage crate label for Greyhound Brand lemons. And last, but not least, is Jared Joslin's amazing Circus Self Portrait from 2007. Here is the link to his website.
They all inspire me and I'm a cat person!
UPDATE: The first "Book of the Hunt" was actually written in 1387 by Gaston Phebus.
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