Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mystery of a Masterpiece

Last night, there was a fascinating NOVA show on PBS. Experts were investigating whether a portrait of a girl on vellum (shown above) is really a Leonardo Da Vinci. They think it was cut from an old book of the period (they found the book in a museum in Poland).
Link to article about the story in the Guardian.
Here's the link to the show which you can watch online if you missed it.
I blogged about this picture earlier and said I thought it looked to me like it might be authentic. That was just my gut feeling based on the style of the face and execution of the drawing.


heather noye said...

looks very interesting! i'm an art history geek anyways so this is right up my alley. i got the link you posted on twitter. i'll have to check it out tonight. Thanks!

Amy Crehore said...

Yep! Do.

unimportant said...

This was a great episode of Nova. I feel bad for the previous owners who sold it for $20,000.