Sunday, January 22, 2012

Magical Gift of Picasso Etchings to British Museum

The British Museum recently acquired the complete suite of 100 Vollard etchings made between 1930 and 1937 by Picasso. It was a surprise gift from a man named Hamish Parker in memory of his beloved father Major Horace Parker. Depicting himself as a minotaur (in 15 of the works), the etchings are a visual diary of Picasso's great love affair with Marie-Therese Walter. Almost half of the prints show a classical sculptor's studio with Marie-Therese as a model. 
These etchings are magical and will always be inspiring. This is the Picasso that I love the most, unafraid to show emotional sensitivity toward his muse. Picasso exchanged the plates for these etchings with his dealer Ambroise Vollard for a couple of paintings by Renoir and Cezanne. This rare, complete set will go on view from May 3- Sept 3, 2012. Link
Right now, you can order the book Picasso's Vollard Suite from the Getty Museum.

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