Friday, January 14, 2011

Blond Slingerland Painted Banjo-uke Photos (Crehore)

Click photos to enlarge:
Side view of painted banjo-uke by Amy Crehore showing birdseye maple veneer.
Front of "Dirty Blond" Banjo-uke by Amy Crehore 2010
Headstock with authentic antique uke tuners.
Close up of painting with little pierrot on banjo head by Amy Crehore
(note: this photo does not show the original tailpiece which comes with this uke)

I finally got around to taking some real photos of my "Dirty Blond" (Slingerland) banjo-uke from the 20s. I still need to add the original tailpiece and bridge, string it up and take another photo. But, here, you can at least see a shot of the entire instrument. It's been restored and shined up by the luthier and painted by me. I've now added these photos and the photos of my green "Nip-Cat" uke to my set on flickr called Hand-painted Antique Ukes (have a look!)
Each Uke is a one-of-a-kind fine art object and playable musical instrument. Quite a few are from the 1920s which makes them quite old and rare at the same time.
(Thanks again A. Barrett)
Also check out my 2 ukes built from scratch by a luthier:


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I was married to a blonde once...she just was'nt dirty enough! Now this one on the other hand conjures up all kinds of naughty thoughts ;)
This piece has all the correct colors in my humble opinion; the soft 'blond' nature of the wood and the way the face retains that rich wood tone along with the perfect jaded teal and shaded black and whites. Very nice!