Friday, January 21, 2011

Martin, Bogan and Armstrong with Jethro Burns

A couple of videos on YouTube from University of Chicago Folk Festival in late 1970's. Produced by David Affelder.
(Thanks for the tip, Jad Fair)


Chris said...

A priceless clip, brief as it is. Sad there doesn't seem to be much footage of them as a group, although there are two fine documentaries about Howard Armstrong. They were a great group.

Amy Crehore said...

Yes. I saw at least one of the documentaries on POV. I think I still need to see Louie Bluie, but I saw
this one:

gregor said...

I had the pleasure of spending a half hour or so, sheltering from the rain, under the trailer of a tractor-trailer with Mr. Armstrong at the Philadelphia Folk Festival back in the early seventies. Wonderful fellow. We smoked a few cigarettes and discussed the state of things in the day. Just one of those little fond memories.

Amy Crehore said...

gregor...great memory!!