Sunday, October 04, 2009

Winner of My Contest

Okay, I have made a decision. It was extremely difficult to choose just one title because there were so many great titles submitted. Some of them made me laugh out loud and some of them made me smile, but in the end, the most intellectual title won the prize. It's a title that I would never have thought up myself in a million years and it's not even a musical title. I'll admit that I had to look up both words. However, since the painting itself has a classical/literary feel to it, I thought that this title was appropriate. The winner of my little painted sketch is dscroggy who came up with the title "Persephone's Phenology". The runner-up is Jim Bradbury who named it "Puss n' Toots". Please write me at . I will send the runner-up a consolation prize.
Thanks to everyone who participated! Luv ya all. Amy
The Art of Amy Crehore
P.S. Please follow Steve Chasmar's Halloween Countdown 2009 on flickr. He is posting from a hospital bed in Thailand. I know it would make him happy to be able to share his wonderful collection of antique images with you.

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