Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bemelmans Bar and Woody Allen

Darn it. Last year, when I had my art show in Brooklyn, NY, I stayed up near central park at my brother's place. A friend of mine flew in from California to see my show and stayed at The Carlyle hotel. For a few days, I crossed the park to visit her at this elegant hotel. Unfortunately, no one told me that the hotel bar was the home of Ludwig Bemelmans' murals.
The creator of Madeline children's books, Bemelmans exchanged his work for a year and a half of accommodations at The Carlyle for his family. Wow, that's cool. "Madeline" books were my childhood favorite. It looks like his artwork is even on the lampshades.
Oh well, I miss all the good stuff. Maybe next time. Woody Allen is playing there on Monday nights at 8:45 pm through Dec 7, 2009 with the Eddy Davis New Orleans Jazz Band. Luckily, I already saw Woody play clarinet. It was decades ago at Michael's Pub. I even got his autograph. If anyone is in NYC and loves Madeline and Woody together, head over to the art deco bar at The Carlyle for a fun evening.

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