Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bizarre Early Picture of "The Boss"

Here's a photo I found at home. What are they wearing? Floppy hat, raggy mop-top hair, jeans with patches. What are they playing? A P-90 equipped gold Les Paul guitar and a transparent Dan Armstrong Ampeg bass. What are they whispering to each other? "Vinnie, you just got busted for wearing those silly love beads!" This is an early picture of 3 members of the band Steel Mill with none other than Bruce Springsteen himself. It was taken in 1970 at the Hullabaloo Club in Richmond, VA. (Photo previously unpublished, copyright Lou Reimuller, part of a set of photos taken one afternoon, March 1970).


Will said...


I have a soft spot for the first (only?) Steel Mill album.

Anonymous said...

Gold top Les Paul with P90's ...very nice indeed...all it needs is a bigsby.

Mike said...

What a great pic. I'd love to see more from this day.

@ Will: Which Steel Mill album? As far as I know, they never officially released anything.

Will said...

I was not reading closely (or at all) and so confused the Steel Mill in the photo with this Steel Mill. In my feeble mind, the Boss was hangin out onstage with this UK band!

Amy Crehore said...

Maybe I will scan some more photos from that day and post them, M W Beatty.
Will...I don't think Springsteen's Steel Mill (the one shown) had an album. This is very early and the photographer who took this was in high school.

Mondo said...

Amy, I would be interested in seeing all the photos you have from that day. Steel Mill was an incredible live band and they were certainly destined for stardom from day one - the key ingredient was Springsteen - he was stunning on that Les Paul guitar, his tone was the epitome of Marshall crunch and his performing, singing, and songwriting talent was amazing, especially for his age. I was lucky enough to see them several times in 1970 and 71, to this day they remain my favorite concert experiences. You had to be there to understand. More photos PLEASE.