Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Moira Hahn Solo Show at Koplin Del Rio Gallery

"Raijin Tiger" painting copyright Moira Hahn
"Tan Don't Burn" painting copyright Moira Hahn

" Next Exit" painting copyright Moira Hahn

Moira Hahn's new watercolor paintings will be on view at Koplin Del Rio Gallery in Culver City CA from January 10th to February 28th. Her opening will be on Saturday, January 10th, from 6-8pm.
Hahn "paints anthropomorphic animals contending with catastrophes brought on by human-kind. In 'Next Exit', for example, the blackened scaffold of a two-story tall, elephant-shaped house full of leaking oil drums disintegrates in a fury of swirling flames and demons, while a pot-bellied cowboy rider flogs it with a whip. Exquisitely garbed primates heed warnings from other species, and ancient Buddhist hell scroll imagery is transcribed, mutated and blended with other historic and contemporary sources to represent trials of the modern age." (from Hahn's statement about her work)

You can view her amazing work here:

The Art of Amy Crehore


leemoyer said...

She does such lovely work. An is so nice. Thanks for sharing!

Jim Woodring said...

Moira Hahn's work is perfect! She blends visual beauty, humor and profundity so seamlessly it leaves me dumbfounded. How on earth does she do it!?

Amy Crehore said...

Hey, guys, I agree! Wishing her a great opening nite.

Unknown said...

Her work is captivating and awe inspiring. Truly a one of a kind artist with a very interesting perspective.