Monday, January 19, 2009

Interview with Amy Crehore in INKED Magazine (FEB)

I'm so excited. This really nice magazine did a full page interview with me about my upcoming solo art show ("Dreamgirls and Ukes", Thinkspace, L.A., Feb 13). They printed two of my paintings and photos of my No. 1 Tickler Ukulele. I just got my copy! It's the Feb. issue of INKED Magazine. Jennifer Goldstein did a great job writing it.


About said...

congratulations amy!
can't wait to see it.

Anonymous said...

How cool!
That is so great.
See you in February!!

Amy Crehore said...

Thanks, you guys. :)

Unknown said...

Exactly!! Not only will Obama become president today, Amy is in INKED!

Anonymous said...

That's great, Amy — congrats!!!


Amy Crehore said...

Thanks Lori.
Here's what it looks like inside the magazine.

Anonymous said...

Super. Congrats. I'll try to find a copy.

leemoyer said...

Awesome and very well deserved!

I suspect you may already know them, but either way I heartily recommend the The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain who I just discovered on my trip to the East Coast.


Amy Crehore said...

Thanks, Lee, Tom, Liza.
I do know this orchestra.
Hope your trip to NYC was fun, Lee!