Friday, April 04, 2008

Alex Gross Show Opens 4/5 at Jonathan Levine

The Mandolin, painting by Alex Gross
The Tragedy, painting by Alex Gross
Alex Gross has an art show opening in NYC on April 5 (through May 3, 2008) called "Mysteries and Manners". He has created some mysterious, surreal and complex new paintings.
Here's the link: Jonathan Levine Gallery
Alex Gross derives a lot of inspiration from the Shanghai advertising posters of the 1930's. I have blogged about these kinds of images many times before. His new show has some ambitious large-scale work in it. Here, I have selected a couple of the simpler pieces: a straight portrait of a woman with a mandolin and an absurd, yet wonderful, portrait of a floating woman with a tennis racket and four legs, getting ready to smack her ice cream out of it's cone. He is really using a beautiful selection of colors in these works and his technique is completely honed in. The faces of the people in his paintings are serious, yet there is an underlying humor to each narrative situation. I was lucky enough to see some Alex Gross paintings in person at Earl McGrath in L.A. back in 2004.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful (and funny) work. Thanks for sharing.