Saturday, April 26, 2008

Orville Gibson's Aesthetic

Photo of Orville Gibson in a funny costume from "The Gibson Story" (out of print?), 1973 by Julius Bellson, photo courtesy of Mrs. Seguine (Orville's niece)
Gibson Guitar Style 03 from 1902

Page from Gibson catalogue 1902

Detail of a sketch by Amy Crehore 2008
I really like the look of the early Gibson guitars. Here is a detail from a sketch that I made off the top of my head and you can see that I drew the bridge in the wrong place. It should be placed higher. I wasn't trying to draw a Gibson or anything, but later I realized that there were some early Gibson models with oval sound holes. Now that I am working on the painting, I am using a reprint of an old Gibson catalogue as a reference to make sure I get some of the features right. I am adding my own decorative inlay on the bottom of the guitar, keeping the dark finish and adjusting the bridge to the right position. And I'm sticking with the oval sound hole. I don't want to show you the whole sketch just yet. My painting keeps changing and when I'm done, I will blog it and compare the sketch to the finished piece.
Check out both of these websites for more photos of actual Gibson guitars from the past:

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