Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Eric Gill, Master Printmaker (1882-1940)

Venus Modestly Holding Spray/Cupid Playing Football with the World, 1929, Wood Engraving by Eric Gill
Clothes as Workshops, 1930, wood engraving by Eric Gill

The Purchaser, 1929, wood engraving by Eric Gill

Eric Gill, a British illustrator, printmaker, typographer and sculptor, did some of the most beautiful woodcuts and engravings of the art deco period. I could look at these all day. His imagination and his design-sense were both simply amazing. "Gill never strayed far from the religious roots which inform his work. Eroticism also forms an important part of it. Gill was not afraid to combine these two elements. Among his many and varied achievements are the numerous books he designed, both type and illustration, The Canterbury Tales and The Four Gospels being among the greatest book productions between the Wars."

Many more of his prints are available to look at (and buy) on this website:
Eric Gill Prints

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