Friday, September 28, 2007

Gallery of Vintage Magazine Cover Art

Dutch Treat Club Yearbook Cover 1937
Photoplay Cover 1920
Truth Cover 1900
Amazing Stories Cover 1926

One thing leads to another. After I blogged those beautiful book endpapers from the Dutch Treat Club yearbooks of the 1940's, I went searching for more information. I found out that the Dutch Treat Club is a club that was founded in 1905 for people in the creative fields of art, literature and theater in NYC. They still have luncheons every Tuesday with guest speakers and entertainers at the National Arts Club. -link
Ellis Parker Butler, American author and humorist, was a member of the Dutch Treat Club and he was published in it's yearbook from 1921-1947. On a website dedicated to his work, there is a section with internal links to a wide assortment of vintage magazine covers. His stories were featured in all of these magazines. This is an amazing archive of images:

The Art of Amy Crehore

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