Saturday, February 24, 2007

Seth and "read yourself RAW"

"Clyde Fans" by SETH
Page from "Clyde Fans" copyright SETH, artist
"It's a Good Life, if You Don't Weaken" by SETH

I was looking up comic artist Seth because I love his books and wanted to recommend him. Well, I found this site called "read yourself RAW" featuring Seth plus many more comic artists that I also love, such as Lynda Barry, R. Crumb, Peter Bagge, Charles Burns, Dan Clowes, Debbie Dreschler, Adrian Tomine, etc.
"Seth (1962- )is the pseudonym of Gregory Gallant, a Canadian obsessed with the past, not only his own childhood memories but also the early 20th century."

I love Seth's dry humor and drawing style and his attention to detail.
Also, check out: Drawn & Quarterly Books.

The Art of Amy Crehore

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