Saturday, February 10, 2007

"Feed the Bear Blues" Painting

"Feed the Bear Blues" copyright 2007 Amy Crehore

Here is one of my brand new "Blues Gals" paintings. This one has a bear holding a vintage Gibson mando-bass and it is called "Feed the Bear Blues". My other new painting is called, "Losin' My Cones Over You" (just featured on boingboing). I had a third painting up on my website ("Green Snake Stumble"), but I decided that it needed more work. So, I am back in the studio making some additions and finishing it up.

My oil paintings all have many layers of paint to intensify the colors and to make the figures fully-realized. Sometimes I will paint all day on a face and not like it, so I wipe it off and start again the next day. I even sand it down if I have to. I painted the face on the "cones" painting probably 100 times until I felt it was right. That's how it goes. Nothing comes easy!

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