Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Old Books filled with Treasures

Moleskin notebook designed by Mark Frauenfelder
Hollowed out books by Mark Lowrie on Flickr
Mark Lowrie says these books are: "Part of an ongoing project to combine hollowed out books with interesting contents similar to the fluxus movement or Joseph Cornell. The Vice Control book, filled with vices; or the vintage pulp book filled with journals and writing supplies for my daughter.(Notebook in the book on the right was designed by Mark Frauenfelder) "
My friend, Mark Lowrie, crafted these cool art objects out of old books using funny, unique and useful contents and gave them as gifts to his family members.
The top photo is a blue gremlin moleskin notebook that I received yesterday in the mail from Mark Frauenfelder. Here's the link to the notebooks on boingboing

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