Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Magic of the Trees

Stairs in the woods
Path in Hendricks Park
Whew! I finally finished my number 8 painting for the Blab Show. Now it's on to other things like cleaning up the studio, taking my own slides of the paintings and also having them photographed by a professional, framing them, packing them, doing paperwork and shipping them. Plus, I'm supposed to paint for another show that opens the same day, so I'm debating about that and gathering strength.

It's a nice overcast day here in Oregon. It feels like fall which is a great change from the heatwave we had over the weekend. I hope to take my daily hike up the butte near my house. It's a wonderful 20 minute hike- with woods full of douglas fir trees and a secret stairway climbing straight up through the trees. There is a park called Hendricks Park at the top and there are many rhodedendron trees up there.
My 2 newest paintings for the Blab art show have a little bit of this magic of the trees. I hear that the Blab show website is just about ready and soon you all will be able to view the paintings online at blab show .

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